Windows Update Hell

I’m becoming a fan of Microsoft less and less. I’ve never been confident that Microsoft has paid a great deal of attention to details in the past, but the ‘new’ Microsoft has thrown any attention to detail out the window.

My current struggle revolves around Windows Update and whatever it is that Microsoft is doing in their new split system (desktop environment vs modern environment). I realize the single codebase, but I’m pretty confident that things that appear to be shared are definitely not shared instances. Windows Update being one where the modern interface’s update system has no clue what the desktop version is doing and vice versa.

It is now becoming all too common for me to get an error when running Windows Update from one interface or the other and then I jump to the other interface and see that it is already installing the updates itself or that it works immediately if I tell it to update things. Why are there two versions of Windows Update anyway? Let us pick a method and stick with it and not have two of everything. I don’t want two ways to access installed printers, run updates, uninstall programs, etc. I certainly don’t want to disparate versions of Internet Explorer running on my system. You can turn a lot of this crap off through group policy, but not everything.

If it’s confusing for an IT department you better believe it is going to be confusing for the end-user.

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