Windows 10 (1511) breaks VMware Horizon View linked clone pools

After upgrading a Windows 10 master image to build 1511 (November 2015 update) and recomposing a linked clone pool in VMware Horizon View 6.2 to use the build 1511’s snapshot, composition fails with the following error:

View Composer agent initialization state error (22): Failed to mount persistent disk. Please check the parent VM if an existing disk is using the same drive letter. (waited 0 seconds)

Reverting back to the previous build’s snapshot and recomposing provisions the VM as expected and without error. Note that I have not tried to re-install the agent on the build 1511 so it is possible that re-installing the View agent will resolve the issue.

UPDATE:¬†Re-installing the VMware Horizon View agent seems to have resolved the issue. I typically never have an issue with the agent needing to be re-installed and don’t recall running into the issue when going between¬†dev builds. Luckily this appears to be resolved and was an easy fix. Here’s hoping that build 1511 resolves the outstanding issues that we’ve had in testing with a small group of end users.


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