Todoist – Finally, a GTD app that works for me!

I’ve been on the hunt for a GTD app that works with my routine for years. For someone who hates paper, the best method for me is probably sticky notes…but again, I hate paper so I avoid using that method. I’ve given a lot of apps a great shot at being my go to GTD app, but all have failed. 2Do, Google’s own task manager, Evernote, Apple’s Reminders app, Things, OmniFocus and many more.

In the case of OmniFocus, because of the investment I made to purchase OF2 for the Mac, iPad and iPhone, I REALLY tried hard to make it work. Don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent application, but probably overkill for almost everyone unless your job revolves around project management or being involved in a complex project. I do have complex projects on occasion, but most of the time it is simple one-off tasks that I need to enter into the app quickly and be able to mark it as done quickly, otherwise it gets in the way.

For years I used email as my GTD method. I’m an avid Gmail user and I have all sorts of labels for all kinds of tasks and priorities. I also have my inbox setup where things are sorted according to priority so I see the most important things first. That is, until I met Todoist!

I have no idea how Todoist slipped through the cracks when I was on a GTD buying rampage, but I now have a premium subscription to their service. Since I really enjoyed using Gmail as my GTD but needed additional features, Todoist fit in really well as I can literally open the email, click to add it as a task to Todoist, and then archive the email (can anyone say inbox zero?). At any time I can maximize Todoist, click on the task and the original email opens up. I can even add additional linked emails to the task. I can assign priorities, attach files (even from Google Drive), setup labels, reminders (even via SMS), etc.

Background sync works amazingly well (OmniFocus can’t figure out how to do this for some reason) and the location reminders are spot on and timely! Todoist also has a very in-depth API that was just announced and has an app for almost everything (except for my Pebble watch unfortunately).

GTD apps are like pennies in a wishing pond and everyone’s needs are different, but for me Todoist has won me over. For the first time I feel like my GTD app is actually helping me get things done rather than getting in the way. GTD shouldn’t be added work, it should be seamless with your workflow. Todoist does this for me!

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