I’ve been through several major revisions of my original in-house mobile app that I developed for my day job (see original post) and wanted to give an update on the current state of the project.

I count a major revision (not a point release) based on the amount of code changed and aesthetics together. I’ve learned a great deal about employee usage and needs since my original implementation and have also enhanced my ability to create efficient code. Since so much of the application revolves around live data (real-time tracking of stock levels for example), the number of database calls that I can’t cache into memory is rather high. I also feel the need to match the aesthetics to what that employee may be used to when using apps on their own smartphone while retaining usability for this specific application.

The application now has lots of visual cues (e.g. color changes) to alert the user of low stock levels, out of stock items, etc. I also handle extremely large orders (or small orders should the user choose this option for those as well) by allowing the order puller to go into a single item mode. This gives all information that the puller needs for the next item in the queue, allowing them to manually bypass it if needed and come back to it. This way the database queries only pertain to that single item thus making the application perform much faster.

My ultimate goal aside from giving employees what they need for day to day operations has been to make this (mostly) web application look and behave like a native application. I’m pleased with the results and where the current version 6.2 stands…especially when compared to early versions.

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