Company mobile project – launch day!

While it hasn’t been my only project, it has been a major side project of mine for most of 2012 thus far. The mobile project for my day job should be going live today in that more than a couple employees will start using these devices for order pulling and inventory management.

I’ve included a couple of screenshots in the past, but the project has evolved and thus some applications changed slightly (added features for example) so I’ve included a gallery of most applications below. Not all screens are shown, but it gives you an idea of why my application suite does. Not in the gallery is the order pulling application which has largely remained unchanged from the screenshot in my first post, though I have resolved several bugs that came up in rare occurrences and added a few minor enhancements.

I’m not really doing anything too fancy here. The only time I write back to our main database is for bin location changes, but that is immensely helpful for those who use it. To change the first bin location in our ERP system, for example, would require that the change be made in three different windows. This would also require the inventory manager (or whomever) to write down the part number and new bin location(s). With my device the change can be made on the spot (made even quicker if the user scans the barcode for the part) and have the bin changed in all needed parts of the database instantly. Doing this just a few times saves a drastic amount of time.

I’ve also coded a custom to-do list which is used for stock management. If the inventory manager sees that an item in our primary bin location is getting low, he/she can scan the item’s barcode and have it added to the list. It will let them know where to go to get additional stock (additional bin locations to pull from) and when the item is rescanned will mark it as ‘done’.

The device itself has been ruggedized with a heavily padded industrial case. We’re working on concrete here so I want to take every precaution that I can to ensure these devices stay in good condition. We also have holsters andĀ laniardsĀ for those who work in a risky area or use the devices on forklifts for example.

I’m really pleased with everything overall. I’ve learned a great deal through this project and I’m proud to say that I was able to pull the hardware together to work with several software languages (PHP, Javascript and Objective-C). I’m far, FAR, from a ninja, but I’m certainly proud of my work. I’m a little sad that the bulk of this project is over. Sure, I will continue to enhance the applications and possibly write applications for other uses in our environment, but what I’ve written is the most needed for what we do and thus is the bulk of what is useful for employees.


  1. Is this something the company could replicate and deploy to another company? Could you market this for DC as a product?

    Major kudos to you for getting this up and running! This reminds of of 15 years ago when I got the website up and running, an online store built and the catalogs all in digital format; it’s a giant leap for them.

    only criticism from me (and you know this was coming) is that the UI looks like it needs some polish. Otherwise, congratulations!


    1. I realize that is could use a little polish, however polish also adds code and I’m trying to make things as fast as possible in a mobile browser. FWIW, the UI has gotten a little more polish with version 2 that I don’t have screenshots for to publish but still keeps the rough design of what is shown above.


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