A follow-up to my in-house ERP integrated web app…

I had mentioned in my previous post that I was using a third-party app from the iTunes App Store to interface between my web application and the Linea Pro 4 scanner. A couple of days ago IPCMobile gave me access to the SDK and yesterday I spent the day writing a simple iOS application using that SDK.

What I created was something much like the SwipeTrack application that was being used previously but I took out some features we didn’t need and even added a couple of my own that I thought would be useful. The application is basically a UIWebView with a UIToolbar. I have a Settings.Bundle that gives the Linea’s firmware version, serial number, etc. and a place to put the default URL that UIWebView uses when loading the app (obviously this would point to the aforementioned web app).

I added an activity monitor for web traffic so that the user knows that the server is still gathering the required info and displaying it on the screen. This is helpful for large orders where lots of SQL queries are made for example. I also streamlined things by only including what we needed and thus the application loads very fast.

The best part of this is that I no longer have to purchase the app for each device at $50/each. We’re still waiting on IPCMobile to get backorders of their industrial rubber case for the scanners so we still only have two Linea Pro 4’s…one actively used all day every day for pulling orders and the one I use for development.

I’ve definitely had a lot of fun making these apps and they have most certainly enriched my abilities and creativity. Even with having applications in the iTunes App Store and in an ad-hoc environment, I’m not sure that I could dub myself a real programmer. I still have to do research on things in all of the languages used (PHP, Javascript, Objective-C), but it’s a nice thought to know that something that was created from scratch is now being used to increase the productivity and accuracy of a medium-sized company.

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